Dear Parents,

Welcome to Walther School!  Our students are learning and growing at Walther School.  In the first half of the school year,  first grade students  learned to follow new class routines and to make new friends.  Kindergarten students learned to follow class and school rules, to participate in lunch and recess and to participate in all specialty area classes.  Our preschool students learned to make new friends in class and listen to their teachers.

In the second half of the school year our students are still learning and growing.  They are learning to count, add, subtract, write letters numbers, spell words, read and write.  Students are learning how to make friends, keep hands to themselves, listen and follow directions.

Every part of our school day is a teachable moment at Walther School for our youngest learners.  We appreciate your support as partners in your child’s education.

Thank you,

C. Black


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